Useful Tips For Shaving With An Electric Shaver

Useful Tips For Shaving With An Electric Shaver

 Useful Tips For Shaving With An Electric Shaver




A great investment can be an electric shaver nowadays. This electric shaver also saves you money over the long run since you don’t have to worry about buying replacement blades. Furthermore, all these electric shavers speed up the process of shaving. It is very important for getting a great shave with an electric shaver to know how to use it. Below you can check out some tips for shaving with an electric shaver in order to learn the ropes.

1st Tip – For the begginers
It is also important to realize that it will initially cause some irritation, especially, if you have never used an electric shaver before. Don’t worry because it is completely normal. Most men who use electric shavers find that the irritation subsides after a few weeks, once the skin has time to adapt to the process. As long as you stick it out, you should find that you can shave without irritation in no time at all.

2nd Tip – The Correct Angle
It is so important to hold the electric shaver at the correct angle. At the most times, the shaver should be held at a 90º angle to your face in order to reduce the skin irritation. This angle allows as much of the shaver as possible to come in contact with your skin, minimizing the number of passes that you need to make over the surface of your skin to remove the hair.

3rd Tip – Wet or Dry
It is important to invest in a shaver that can be used either wet or dry. This will give you the most versatility possible. That way, if you want, you can shave in the shower. Then, if you don’t something like this (wet shave), you can use it with the traditional way (dry).

4th Tip – To Reduce The Irritation
Another tip in order to reduce the irritation is not to press to hard on the electric shaver. As you run it over the surface of your skin, use a light touch. For those who use a foil shaver, shave with a back-and-forth motion and for those who use a rotary shaver, move the shaver in a circular motion over your skin.

Use the above tips for shaving with an electric shaver and the results will be great!!

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December 21, 2016

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